Aditi Healthcare is a platform to aid and provide free quality medical care to people located outside the reach of modern facilities. After a dream run into asset tracking and monitoring, Aditi Healthcare was initiated on the strength of seamlessly integrated Satellite Communications. We author a simplified structure to process time-critical emergencies, supported with present-day technologies for immediate medical care in the underserved regions of India.


It is our mission to build a healthy nation, and become a key player in India's socio-economic growth


Mr. Chirag Rachh and Mr. Bhupendra Panchmatia - Aditi group of companies.

Mr. Panchmatia brings his decades of business experience to the company and Mr. Rachh flourishes the company with his novelty of ideas. The fusion has motivated the organization towards new and challenging terrains to provide only the best quality services to their clientele. Aditi group of companies has made a position for themselves on the global platform. Together they believe in enhancing the experience to the best and nothing less than that.

Our Privilege

Government of India NHM has trusted us to take quality health care services to rural India. The accessibility to a quality health care is a basic human necessity and it should be made available to each and every citizen of the country. We aim to fulfil this righteous cause and reach to the people in the most interiors of the country, at the most critical times of their lives.

We are honoured to be chosen by National Health Mission